And so she went…

He said, “So respectfully and in a civil manner, I’ll recommend that you move on if you haven’t already. I have. And doing so has proved to be healthier. Good luck to you.”

And so she went. Not on to someone else or to something. She simply and quietly closed the door and walked out into the night. Underneath the night sky, the same sky she had walked under during countless, sleepless nights. She found a clear spot to sit and gaze up. Fetching patterns in the sky; then staring directly at the moon. She exhaled. Deep and slowly. Letting pain and unaccepted love leave her chest. She exhaled again. Releasing desperation and fear. Once more. Exhaling the desire to be known.

She closed her eyes. Darkness covered her like a blanket. Loneliness, like an old friend, came and sat next to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her. Kissing her forehead, he then whispered, “you don’t need to fear me anymore. I never meant to harm you. With me you are safe and you are free. Now you can love with abandon and follow bravely the path God has set for you.”

She clutched Loneliness’ hand and said, “I am not afraid anymore. I am ready.”

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