This Time

This time last year, I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe.

My body was trembling,

My heart was pounding,

My mind was unable to comprehend

This time last year, I was looking into the future.

I saw him yelling

I saw a dark life trapped in a home

I saw myself walking into a lake and staying under water.

This time last year, I finally told others the truth.

I saw the shock.

I felt the squeeze of their hand

I heard their prayers for courage and wisdom.

This time last year, I changed my course.

I closed a chapter.

I closed my eyes and slept.

I closed the door on fear and opened one for peace.

This time, I reflect on that decision, and I sigh with relief.

Relieved to be with someone who trusts me.

Relieved to choose my friends.

Relieved to smile as I envision my future.

I won’t make this time each year an anniversary.

I will, however, remember my strength.

I will remember those who stood by me.

And I will be more than a survivor.

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