Is Growing Old Really So Bad?








I know there are plenty of reasons to fight against the inevitable.  Fear of the unknown, slowing down, infirmities, grey hair and wrinkles.  The reasons are not all superficial.  Perhaps there are regrets, things left unsaid, or disappointment in what life turned out to be.

It’s not easy for the younger friends and family members either.  For some reason, the elderly are some of the most stubborn sons of guns on this planet!  (That was supposed to be a bit of humor and a subtle jab to all you AARP members out there) They refuse to eat better, change their routines, go to the doctor, take the medicine, or downsize.

The struggle for everyone involved is real.


One of my favorite things to do on trips is capture the candid shot.  There’s always a mystery that accompanies these photos.  When I was in Poland, I saw this gentleman sitting alone on the park bench.  I didn’t linger long, as I didn’t want to be “that guy,” but I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is he waiting for someone?” “Is he just sitting and thinking?” “Is he happy?  He doesn’t look happy.”  Hands folded, he sat and looked in the same direction for several minutes, maybe longer, but I didn’t stay long enough to keep count.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aging is inevitable, so why not just embrace it?  If you have regrets, make the amends as best you can.  And forgive yourself.  If you have ailments, do your best to get healthy without sacrificing the present moment.  If you have untold stories, write them down, put those thoughts in a letter, or call the friend or family member and share with them.  If you have wrinkles and grey hair…well, I think you’re still beautiful.  If only we could use our eyes to see souls, how differently we would view beauty.

The other truth is that time is fleeting.  Who says that time must be spent alone?  We all are aging, and while we can’t control all that life throws at us, we can choose to age gracefully.  We can choose to enjoy the moments we have as best as we can.

2 thoughts on “Is Growing Old Really So Bad?”

  1. I’m one of those AARP members you are talking about. I celebrate each year I get to have another revolution around the sun. Ask me again when I turn sixty (lol). I don’t exercise as I should but I do get my annual physical every year.


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