Get Lost in Venice

“You need to get lost in Venice,” said my Italian friend, “turn down random corners and wander away from the crowd. Only then will you see true Venice.”

If there is any common theme you will observe in my blogs, it will be the encouragement to wander. I know that can sound daunting, and I would never encourage you to be reckless or unsafe. However, there is SO MUCH more that can be added to an experience if you’re willing to veer off from the beaten path. Turn the corners, step away from the crowd, climb the heights, observe from afar, and look around the next corner. If you stay with the flow, your experience may still meet your expectations, but my blogs are intended to exceed your expectations. Don’t rush. Take your time and soak in what you’re seeing.

Venice is safe place to get lost in. You can’t go too far, it’s an island! But if you veer off the main routes, you’ll discover parks, kids playing soccer in the streets, and mothers hanging laundry across the alleyway. You may also discover a local cafe or restaurant. Speak a few words of Italian to them, “buongiorno,” “come sta?” And see the magic that happens. Italians are generally welcoming when they see your interest in their culture. But you have to take that first, brave step.

There’s a difference between culture and tourist culture. You’ll only find the genuine culture, when you veer off the path.

Of course I can’t help but put a spiritual spin to this. Life is riddled with an expectation to live a cookie cutter life. But when you sit down with people, you realize that everyone has a unique story, a unique struggle, or maybe an untold tale. They fear exposing this side of them because it feels taboo, and they fear no one will relate to them. So, they quietly march to the same tune and follow the crowd. Be BOLD! Veer off the path and live the life you are actually living. Trust God through the process, and let him take you through windy paths. In doing so, you will enrich your life!


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