You know what I did today

I searched for songs about missing a friend.

I found songs for missing lovers, brothers, mothers, and trucks,

But nothing to tell a friend they’re missed.

I found songs about death, divorce, and grief,

Those came close, but their sadness was tied to someone gone from the world.

Where’s the song for the living?

There’s nothing I can do. Just sit there on the other end of the phone line,

Knowing his choice was wrong.

Knowing he had given his life over to his abuser.

Where’s the song that helps someone process being forced to part?

When the toxic person wins?

When the choice wasn’t mine?

When the injustice is so heavy it hits your stomach and makes you nauseous?

So I just sit here, reminded from time to time that person is still out there in the world.

Happy? Sad? Who knows.

And so many old wounds are reopened…oh what a painful past.

Memories suck.

I couldn’t find a song today. Maybe I’ll write my own.

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